The Light Weight Carbon 29er

30 Apr

With the next race season fast approaching, its time sports lovers look for their new race bike. Carbon 29er has finally appeared in the market for those planning to replace their old bike and try out something new. The new light weight Carbon 29er, with suspension that is performance oriented with short stays seems unstoppable. This growing breed of mountain bike has gained popularity because of their function as all-mountain alternative to more expensive and technical full-suspension bikes.

These mountain bikes are called 29ers because of their big tire and rim size. Wheel diameter of the regular mountain bikes are around 26inches. The 29er MTB wheel set is 29 inches and the tire is fully mounted. Considering the fundamental aspect, you will find no significant difference between the traditional mountain bikes and the Carbon 29er. Both come with back derailleurs, comparable front, front shock and standard diamond frame. The only difference lies in the wheels and it is this single difference that places Carbon 29er on top of the rest available options in the market.

The reasons why a Carbon 29er mountain bike has become the perfect all-mountain bike are stated below:

1.    The bikes are designed to take rock or log in full speed and roll over the uneven surfaces with minimum jarring impact.

2.    Large sized rims and wheels absorb shock from bumps and obstacles with relative ease. Whether you are in Virginia, Utah, Moab, Oregon, or in Colorado, a 29er is designed to perform much better compared to 26er.

3.    Trail conditions change irrespective of where you ride. A Carbon 29er offers better stability in these changing trail environments offering greater option for taller rides. Puddles, mud and sand can pull down any rider if he isn’t that careful. Unnecessary injuries and wipeouts can be avoided with large size tire and wheels.

4.    Increased traction that has been created by longer contact area is another major advantage of Carbon 29er bikes. There is less arch on the wheels because of bigger tires and wheels. The surface area to grab and climb through ascents increase because of this. Longer contact area helps in cornering through the switchbacks. The 29er bikes will rarely pump through the inclines when you climb up a steep surface.

Carbon 29er bikes are a little expensive compared to the traditional bikes. However, if you are planning to upgrade to a better option and thinking of an option between 29er and a full suspension, it is always better to opt for the former. A Carbon 29er all mountain bike is fun, fast and can handle anything on its way. Whether it is a mountain, slick rock, or a trail, it can handle just any surface and offer you the best possible ride you had probably never experienced before.

So, if you are tired of the tall promises made by big names and looking for something different now, a Carbon 29er bike will be the right option for you.

This article was written by Keturah Clifford, on behalf of Switchback Bikes, offering the widest range of tires, wheels, apparels and bike frames. For more information on mountain bikes, you may also visit Wikipedia.

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