How Online Businesses Benefit from Web Design Magento?

29 Mar

Web design is a general term that is used to describe the various tasks involved in creating a web page. It refers to  building the front end of a web page. The web consists of myriad pages, presenting information using different technologies that are linked together with hyper links. There are two aspects of any web page that can be found on the internet. The first is a presentation that the user interacts visually and the other one is the back end which includes information for the non human browsers. Choosing the right software for your online business is a critical decision. Web design magento will give your website  few additional features that is required to help your site stand apart from its competitors.

Magento is a content management system that can handle complex e-commerce stores.  It has many advantages over out dated e-commerce systems, which includes increased flexibility for the user, simple product management by the retailer and customizable meta tag options for the search engines. With magento web design, web store owners are provided with complete flexibility over different components of their e-commerce website. It is also possible to develop customized magento solutions in line with the business model and goals. Some of the features like administrative panel, advanced product browsing, catalog browsing, advanced shipping features and one page checkout are more advanced than any other web design software.

Newer versions of magento web design are being released frequently in the market. The user friendly nature of magento in providing e-commerce web design has won the preference of online store owners, worldwide. One of the biggest advantages of magento web design is its large community of users for e-commerce web design solution. Since there are millions of users worldwide, you can be assured that your business investment does not have any risk. The flourishing communities of magento users maintain a huge active online forum discussing newer features, troubleshooting problems etc. The standard features of magento web design include

•    Shopping cart
•    Site management
•    International support
•    Mobile e-commerce
•    Product browsing
•    Search engine optimization
•    Order management
•    Analytics and reporting

The SEO capabilities of magento web design helps your website rank highly in SERP’s of the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, increasing the visibility of your website in general and boosting the image of the company in particular. The numerous plugins available boosts the functionality of its existing features.

Magento web design platform can be tailored to confirm  one’s business objectives. Customization can be achieved using the extensions available in the software. The three types of extensions for magento are interface, modules and themes.

Web designers use magento open source platform to design websites with unique themes and products. You can also hire magento programmers exclusively to work on your website using the e-commerce website building software.

This article was written by Arthur Bhagat on behalf of One Creations Limited, we help you build your e-commerce store using magento. For over six years, we have offered magento web design services to customers in Hertfordshire and throughout the U.K. To know what are the components of an e-commerce website, visit

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