Keep an Eye on Transmission in Los Angeles

25 Mar

A car’s transmission in Los Angeles can take a beating, like many other things in LA. The weather is not the only element  that a car owner needs to worry about. Basic wear and tear with driving ensures that upkeep is a necessary on a regular basis, either yearly or when a certain amount of mileage is reached. Take into consideration your style of driving as well, because every driver is different. The types of road most often travelled, wildlife and even the acidity of rain can affect your cars transmission.

Heavy use of ones transmission in Los Angeles is defined as more than 50% use in heavy city traffic (wherein there is much stopping and going and stopping again) with ambient temperatures of 90˚F (32˚C). Extreme and sustained heat like that will not only damage your transmission, but will also make the leather seats very uncomfortable if wearing shorts. Consider that roads are always hotter the closer to surface you get to them, by about 10 to 15 degrees. This will increase the chances of balding, sidewall bubbles and other negative impacts that could increase the chance of blowouts of disintegration.


There are other ways by which  heat will affect transmissions in Los Angeles. The battery’s chemical operation will increase and the fluids will evaporate which will cause the battery to burn out quicker. The belts, hoses and cooling systems of a vehicle should be checked regularly as the cracks in the belts and hoses could cause damage to the engine or radiator. Of course, there are  naturally damaging effects of extreme sunlight, which will bleach, crack and peel paint, rubber and plastic. Keep an eye on your car during all extreme temperatures, especially sun.

Of course, the entire car is affected by extreme heat and should be taken care of. The most important parts of a vehicle, the tires, engine, battery and transmission in Los Angeles can ruin ones day if ignored! The sun can damage ones transmission in a multitude of ways and it is general knowledge to look after that particular organ of one’s vehicle. Some transmissions can be especially vulnerable if there is an aluminum valve body because aluminum is a soft metal and prone to damage through dirt and abrasive material in the fluids.

Changing the fluids of one’s transmission is not an easy task, certainly not as easy as changing the vehicles oil or topping up with gasoline. Also, just like how the feces of any animal can tell a person about the animal (or persons) diet, the old transmission fluid can tell an experienced mechanic about the inner workings of the car. Even with manual transmission fluid in Los Angeles cars, the task is not simple or easy, though it is easier than automatic transmissions. If you are worried about your car or have not had it checked  for more than two years, it would be a wise decision to take it to a professional mechanic in an established repair shop. For transmissions in Los Angeles, there are many such outfits, but if you are searching for a shop that is experienced with a wide variety of cars and transmissions, make some calls and ask a lot of questions.

This article was written by Yukiko Patka, on behalf of Westside Transmission and Automotive, Inc. offering necessary services to get you and your car up and running as quickly as possible. To know how you can choose a car repair shop, you may also visit

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