Giving a Wine Gift Basket

25 Feb

Giving wine as a present is very common, whether it’s a solo bottle or a wine gift basket, people enjoy receiving it as much as they enjoy giving it. Wine is the perfect gift because it’s simple and available in a wide variety, as well as being easy to wrap. All this considered, the most important thing about wine is not that it is a great gift but rather that it promotes socializing.

Alcohol has always brought people together from religious ceremonies to celebrations and even times of mourning. The ability of alcohol to inhibit innate desires to withdraw or observe, allows people to participate and feel free to contribute to a conversation without judgment.  Of course, without moderation alcohol can be a bad influence but more often than not, wine and other alcohol is just a staple with a meal or at a party with family and friends.  Giving a wine gift basket can be very generous as wines vary from very inexpensive to outrageously priced but they are generally just thoughtful, useful presents that you know will be used and appreciated.

Great options for a red wine gift basket might be:

•    Cabernet Sauvignon: Spicy and fruity, Cabernets pair well with everything from flavorful entrees to rich deserts.

•    Pinot Noir: Dark and fruity this is one red wine that pairs well with white meats as well as red meats and fish – especially those which have been barbequed

•    Merlot: This wine can have a variety of flavors from fruits to vegetables and even herbs. This wine pairs well with most foods, even ones not typically eaten with wine, such as pizza.

•    Shiraz: The perfect red for spicy foods such as Indian or Mexican cuisine.

•    Syrah: Full-bodied and sometimes tart, this is a great wine for lamb and stew lovers alike.

Great options for a white wine gift basket include:

•    Pinot Grigio: This full bodied, citrus flavored wine is perfectly suited to fish.

•    Sauvignon Blanc: Often a smoky tasting wine, its at its peak with vegetables, fish and even curry.

•    Chardonnay: This earthy warm flavored wine tastes best with mushrooms or roasted dishes such a roast chicken.

•    Riesling: This mineral tasting and often sweet wine is best with salads and pork dishes.

A great wine gift basket should include a broad range of flavors that will pair with almost any dish you can imagine. A mix of red or white wines in one basket is a nice way to give someone the opportunity to expand their palate but an entirely red or white basket is also great. A wine gift basket should appeal to a person’s preferences so if they don’t drink white wine, don’t give them any.

A wine gift basket is a simple and easy gift to put together for a friend, co-worker or loved one. Despite the ease of creating one, it’s a gift that will be enjoyed and appreciated, regardless of price-point. These baskets can be given on any occasion or for no reason at all. Everyone enjoys a good bottle of wine.

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