Benefits of Buying Products from Wholesale Liquidators

21 Feb

Wholesale liquidators are distributors of products that are in excess or no longer needed by the original sellers. They get these products from bankrupt businesses, businesses that are closing out, stores seeking to clear out season goods and obsolete stock. Businesses looking to buy goods at economical prices can buy products from wholesale liquidators. There are many suppliers ready to start providing quality products to meet your needs. Wholesale liquidators buy large quantities of goods from closeouts, they offer their products at economical rates. Some wholesale liquidators do not actually hold the goods from the closeouts they sell. They act as an intermediary between the actual seller and the buyer. They show the catalogues of the goods with detailed description, once the order is confirmed; the liquidator purchases the goods and delivers it to the customer. Their main role is transporting the goods to the customer. These liquidators make their money from the commission they add to the sales price offered to the buyer.

When suppliers hire wholesale liquidators, they get rid of the surplus in their inventory, discontinued products and damaged goods that cannot be used for their business. The advantage of hiring a liquidation company is you can eliminate the excess redundant inventory at your warehouses. Liquidation companies also help in generating revenue from the surplus inventory at the warehouses. Due to their capacity to purchase enormous amounts of stock then resell it in smaller amounts they are often able to get great deals on their purchase prices which means they sell the items at well below the wholesale cost. If you are new in retail business, there is a great opportunity to purchase stock below wholesale prices and make a good profit margin when you are selling items to your customer.

Products sold by legitimate wholesale liquidators are quality products at affordable prices. These products come from companies, which have excess production or obsolete stock no longer in use. However since it comes directly from the manufacturer, it is the same product that we buy from the regular store. Some of the benefits of buying goods and services from a wholesale liquidator are mentioned below:

    Original packaging: Buying goods from the wholesale liquidator ensures the product is complete with all labels and tags which gives the assurance that the products we are getting are authentic items and not replicas.

    Lower prices: The wholesaler offers you the goods and services at lower prices. It is best suited for retailers to buy from the manufacturer directly as they can buy at lower prices and sell at profitable rates.

    International shipment: Wholesale liquidators offer international shipment of goods and take responsibility of transportation of such goods. You can buy the goods and transport it to another country by the help of these people.

Choose a reputable merchandise wholesale distributor to make the most out of the money you invest for your business. Your overstock, distressed and surplus merchandise will find secondary markets that can still give value for your products.

This article was written by Wayne Hepker on behalf of Bullpen Food, a leading liquidator of food and beverages in North America. To know more about how to gain from liquidation closeouts, visit

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