Lower Radiation Exposure with EMF Protection

24 Jan

EMF stands for Electromagnetic Field and is commonly used when referring to electromagnetic radiation. These fields are comprised of charged particles, in which energy passes through in the form of waves. EMFs surround electrical devices that operate under low frequency waves, such as appliances, laptops, mobile phones, power lines and radios. Electromagnetic fields can also be generated from naturally occurring sources in the environment, such as lightning. With the presence of EMF and the subsequent radiation produced from these fields, EMF protection is needed to prevent against any health problems that may occur from exposure.

Radiation is created by electromagnetic waves moving across the EMF at varying frequencies. High frequency waves emit a greater degree of radiation and appear in UV (ultraviolet) rays, x-rays, and gamma rays. Low frequency waves produce less radiation, but saturate everyday life with incoming radio waves, microwaves and infrared waves. Both frequencies present health risks. High frequency waves have been linked to cell damage, such as skin cancer as a result of exposure to high levels of UV radiation. Low frequency radiation has also been associated with health issues, including headaches, fatigue, and other unpleasant symptoms. EMF protection can provide defense against unwanted health problems caused by radiation fields.

It is impossible to completely dismiss exposure to electromagnetic fields. Radiation surrounds most modern technology and devices. Hand held or wireless devices, such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets or radios all operate with incoming waves, transmitting signals to and from the system in order for communication and wireless internet. As a main resource in today’s technical world, these tools are in constant use, whereby generating millions of electromagnetic waves. The result: constant exposure to EMF. Luckily, there are ways to lower one’s encounter with radiation by adopting EMF protection techniques or investing in a radiation shield.

Several noninvasive and simple techniques have been proven to increase EMF protection. Firstly, limiting use of handheld devices or any equipment that requires an airborne signal automatically decreases an individual’s exposure levels. For example, keeping phone calls short, shutting off or unplugging electrical devices when not in use, and using a grounded system (landline or desktop computer) are all ways to lower presence of EMFs. Increasing distance to electrical devices also lowers exposure. Examples include, stowing electrical items away in a closet when not using or simply placing a laptop on a counter or table instead of on one’s lap. These techniques don’t have to interfere with an individual’s lifestyle. Simple changes in one’s approach to everyday EMFs can prevent against numerous heath risks.

There are other ways to have EMF protection. Purchasing newer appliances offer some protection, as older devices tend to emit greater radiation. Replacing fluorescent bulbs with LED or incandescent bulbs eliminates dirty emissions from lighting sources. Investing in a laptop radiation shield on our website provides safety against electromagnetic radiation as well as heat protection.

EMF_Protection_240120131619There is less chance of exposure to high frequency radiation in everyday activities, but the dangers still exist. To ensure full EMF protection against strong electromagnetic fields, discuss the necessity of having MRI or x-rays done (confirming they are needed for diagnostic purposes), avoid high radiation areas such as power plants and consider purchasing EMF shields for the devices you use daily – like your laptop.

This article was written by Saran Huot, on behalf of To know more about electromagnetic field, you may also visit Wikipedia.

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