Equipment and Tools Used in Pilates Singapore Studios

15 Dec

If you visit a Pilates Singapore studio, you can find plenty of equipment and tools there. One of the most popular pieces of equipment that you can find in a studio is the Reformer. This was a creation of Joseph Pilates. This machine is made of wooden frame, a head rest, foot bar, springs, shoulder blocks and a padded moveable seat. Exercises can be performed in different positions such as lying down, standing, kneeling, sitting etc. Straps are connected to a pulley in the wooden frame. The springs can be adjusted according to your convenience.

Pilates_Singapore_151220120901Cadillac is another instrument you can find in Pilates Singapore studios. This is also known as Trapeze Table. It comes as a separate table or sometimes it can be used with a set of apparatus attached to the Reformer Machine. The way this machine is been used, has popularized the name Trapeze Table.

Vertical posts in Cadillac extend up to 3 feet to 4 feet from the side of the table and connected to the posts. This machine is very convenient for those who are bed ridden. There are cuffs for ankles, a trapeze bar, springs and loops for arms and legs that you can find hanging from the bars. Body’s own resistance is used to strengthen the body.

Wunda Chair and Ladder Barrel are the other devices found in Pilates Singapore studios. Ladder Barrel is made of wood and has two different parts. One side looks like a barrel with a curved top, the other side like a short ladder that is of the height of three or four rungs. Stretching exercises are best performed with this machine.

The Wunda Chair is also made of wood. It is a padded seat with straps and a foot rest. You can perform different exercises sitting or standing on a padded seat. In many Pilates studios in Singapore this machine is used for training in small groups.

There are plenty of contemporary style tools used in the Pilates Singapore classes as well and these are resistant bands, inflated exercise balls, rollers etc. Large sized balls are used for traditional Pilates exercises, which require balls rather than mats. It is a good way to boost your muscle engagement and increase your stability as well. Foam rollers are also used for massaging muscles to aid fluid movement. The resistant bands are used for stretching arms or legs while practicing the traditional Pilates exercises.

Pilates_Singapore_151220120902Before you start practicing using these tools and machines, it is highly essential that you remain under guidance of a trained professional. He will know which machine is the best for you, without causing any sorts of damage or harm to your body. So, look into the reputation of a Pilates Singapore studio before enrolling your name there. Reputed studios will be equipped with the necessary tools and also have the best trainers to stay by your side all through your exercise regime.

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