Common Core State Standards for Analyzing Students

10 Nov

Educators play a very important role in ensuring that a student meets or exceeds the standards set by Common Core State Standards. There is a standardized test given at each of the grade levels to measure the overall performance of a student. Math is a tricky subject that is included in this. Many educators try online math games to help those struggling to meet the standards. Here we shall discuss how the students benefit from such games.

There are four components involved in Common Core State Standards. These are algebraic thinking, operations, cardinality, counting and comparing. Standardized tests are administered by state and designed to assess if children are being educated according to the standards. Due to limited funds and large sized classrooms, it becomes difficult for teachers to offer a one-on-one attention that struggling students require. This gap among students can be filled easily with the help of these online games. The fact that the kids enjoy while learning gives them an additional bonus.

Reporting is another important aspect that is given emphasis in Common Core State Standards. The best games help in generating reports that teachers use to keep track of the progress of the students. The progress reports are used by teachers to determine condition of the students struggling to attain their standards. Teachers offer additional guidance to the struggling students to increase their chances of success. These progress reports are considered to be an indispensible part of the math games. Students can perform up to their optimal levels with exceptional teaching and proper curriculum.

The Common Core State Standards are a great help for teachers. Through these online games, teachers as well as the students get an additional level of support. Even teachers benefit from the ability to assess the capability of their students through Common Core State Standards. This creates a win-win situation for the student as well as the teacher.

See the learning ability of your child improving with Common Core State Standards.

This article was written by Lavonne Whittle, on behalf of Track My Progress, helping students overcome their weaknesses. To know more about CCSS, you may also visit

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