Online Assessment Helps Track a Student’s Performance

08 Nov

Online assessments for students are educational tests that help in determining achievement of a student. Online assessments are of different types and each of them serves different purposes for summative or diagnostic and formative assessment as well as feedback.

Formative assessment refers to the strategies employed to help a student excel in a particular field. The process involves students and teachers to respond, recognize and improve the ability to learn. Feedback helps understand a learner’s need. Teachers also observe response of a student to a question and the level of interaction of students in course of different activities.

When feedback is exchanged in case of formative assessment online, the teacher comes to know about the topics that have been taught well and the areas where the student needs to improve. This also informs students about the subjects they have learned well and the areas that need further improvements. Formative assessment aims at improving learning capacity rather than allocating grades.

Online assessments of this type help in evaluating success of a student. Formative results derived from the assessment help in measuring the level of improvements. Students also become aware of their progresses and can raise further questions about evaluation and performance. Teachers can evaluate their own work this way.

Another kind of assessment is the summative assessment. Development of the learners can be summarized within a stipulated time with this method of assessment. For instance, after 14 days, students are given a test and the teacher evaluates their performance and give grades. The test report is summary of the student’s learning capacity. This becomes a basis for diagnostic assessment to determine the weaknesses of a student and the areas where he or she has improved.

Formative assessment is an assessment system that is used for learning, where as the summative assessment is designed to measure performance of a student and ensure that the students are meeting the school’s criteria. A teacher can be dismissed if the students are found to be underperforming as well. Certain aspects that are measured in this method of online assessment are preparation, planning, professionalism, instruction and the teaching environment. An instructional module is used to determine how a student has learned his lessons.

The modern technology today has made our lives more productive and simple. Effectiveness and efficiency of modern technology makes a marked difference in the education of a child. With online assessment systems, it has now become possible for students to have a strong grasp over their performance and learning capacity. The online assessment system has helped many teachers and students in remote areas. Teachers can now access test items aligned to the state mandated curriculum.

Parents can also access the report cards through the online assessment systems. This way they can also leave behind a positive impact on the learning progress of the child. Children can seek encouragements from their parents and improve their overall performance through online assessment systems.

This article was written by Joey Borunda, on behalf of Track My Progress. To know more about online assessment, you may also visit Wikipedia.

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