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Know What to Do in Chicago

When you are visiting the Windy City, there is no dearth of entertainment to keep you interested. If you are wondering what to do in Chicago, there are plenty of things that you can find to keep yourself occupied. So, when you are planning a trip to Chicago, make sure to check out the attractions mentioned below:

1.    Brookfield Zoo: Brookfield Zoo, situated on the western part of Chicago remains open for the visitors all year round. You have more than 2,000 animals to see and 216 acres to roam around with your entire family. The zoo has been functioning since the last seventy years and the natural barriers such as moats familiarize you with the wild. If you have kids, they will simply enjoy their visit to the zoo. Children can interact with animals on a more personal level.

2.    Skydeck on the Sears Towers: If you are wondering what to do in Chicago, you must not miss the Skydeck on the Sears Towers’ 103rd floor. You can get a view up to forty miles when you view from the tall tower. You will see Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan states along with the Chicago city. You can enjoy plenty of other activities rather than watching the cities from top. You can find some wonderful museum quality exhibits that will help you get a wonderful view of the history of Chicago as well the people who built them.

3.    Shedd Aquarium: One of the largest aquariums in Chicago is the Shedd Aquarium. You can find more than 8,000 aquatic animals in this aquarium. More than 700 species are represented. You can see the deadly and sleek brilliantly colored Caribbean reef. The Marine Mammal presentation will introduce you to dolphins and whales.

4.    Navy Pier: Navy Pier is another attraction that has plenty of fun and enjoyment to offer. Ferris Wheel is gorgeous and enormous that you will not get to see anywhere easily. If you are going during the summer months, packing your own lunch will save a lot of your money. It is better to head for the dinner time if you want to avoid the crowds.

5.    Taste of Chicago: You must consider the Taste of Chicago in your list of what to do Chicago. It is one of the largest food fair of the world. More than 70 restaurants participate in this fair. You can enjoy plenty of free entertainment and fun in Chicago.

So, now that you have sufficient ideas about what to do in Chicago, pack your bags and head for an exciting holiday. You will come across plenty of accommodation facilities and discounts on packaged deals when you look online. You will be amazed to see plenty of exciting deals and holiday packages to suit your personal needs and requirements. Look at the list of local events online and make arrangements accordingly. You will love to spend quality time with your loved ones and family.

This guest post was written by Calista China, on behalf of ExclusiveTonight, offering you a list of different attractions to help you plan a vacation. To plan a trip to Chicago you may also visit
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Hire Electrician in Richmond and Ensure Your Safety

When you decide to hire electrician in Richmond, you need to be sure that he is an experienced and a licensed electrician. Not following the safety norms, faulty wiring and incomplete work can cause fires and short circuits. You must not have any concern at night while sleeping and your family should feel safe and secured inside the house. Beware of the untrained professionals, who offer services at discounted rates. In case of any accidents or damage, you have to take up all the responsibilities as an owner. Thus while you hire electrician Richmond, you need to ensure that they are insured, bonded and licensed professionals.

Your electrician in Richmond must offer you 24 hour emergency services to ensure maximum safety and convenience for you. Concerned authorities in Australia demand that the electricians must abide by the rules and regulations stipulated by NEC or National Electric Code. NEC looks after protection of the individuals and ensures properties are protected against hazards and damages.

A typical electrician in Richmond will offer the following services:

•    Dryer cord connections or change range

•    Storm damage

•    Home control systems

•    Outdoor and indoor lighting

•    Barn wiring

•    Dimmer installation

•    Baseboard room heater

•    New construction wing

•    Fan heater combo/bright light

•    Inspection reports

•    Overloaded circuit repair

•    Service upgrades

•    Outdoor outlets for seasonal lighting

•    Doorbells and chimes

•    Smoke detectors

•    Ceiling fans and attic

•    Track lighting

•    TV and data cabling

•    Recessed lighting

Appliances are used every day and thus needs to be kept under a constant vigil. The different cooling and heating systems need to be inspected from time to time to avoid any untoward happenings. You need to check regularly if the equipments are plugged in properly and functioning well. You must engage a professional to inspect the appliances on a regular basis. Regular inspections can check the carbon build up, frayed wiring, inefficiency, and other concerns that can cause breakout of fire.

Consider hiring an electrician in Richmond whenever you plan a home improvement project. You will be at peace, when you know that there is a licensed individual to take care of the wiring of your house. Cracked insulation, unsafe wiring, insufficient number of outlets and badly damaged insulation can result in fire outbreaks or cause severe damage to your property. Using one outlet for different electrical appliances, use of extension cords can cause fires or short circuits. In case of storm damage, chances of frequent tripping of circuits increase and thus it becomes highly important that you hire an expert electrician in Richmond.

You can browse online to find electrician in Richmond, who is experienced to inspect and take care of all your electrical needs. Make sure to closely look their experience and collect feedback from other clients.

This guest post was written by Dayle Pawlusiak, on behalf of McWiring Services, taking care of all your electrical needs. To know what to consider before hiring an electrician, you may visit

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Winter Wonderland Ice Sculpture is a Must See

Are you ready to see something new?  Are you ready for a brand new experience?  Millions all around the globe have enjoyed and been delighted by the largest winter wonderland that they have ever seen.  Visitors are left speechless and even shocked by the miraculous number of ice sculptures that extend over 15,000 square feet in the great winter wonderland they have had the chance to visit.  Your experience will include the realization and awe that every time you turn your head and walk a few more steps, you are greeted with yet another gigantic, stunning and magnificent ice sculpture that leaves your spine tingling.  They are replications of a large variety of wonderful and practical things found in every day life.  There are amazing sculptures that are carved and designed in ice form such as people, places, animals and buildings.  Plus there are other spectacular sculptures that are thrilling to see!

The ice artisan team is comprised entirely of experts in the ice sculpturing field and they hail from all over the world.  They utilize more than 2 millions pounds of ice to design the entire exhibition that people jump at the chance to experience and visit.  The sculptures are then lit internally by a state of the art, top of the line LED lighting system that takes a breath-taking, amazing icy wonderland to the most spectacular and extraordinary ice sculpture world you have ever seen.  Every ice sculpture made that is put into the winter wonderland is a true masterpiece.  To give you an idea of how elaborate the great icy display is; it takes nearly a month for the team of forty ice artisan’s to create the entire winter wonderland exhibit.

With ice sculptures and attractions coming in at heights of over 40 feet, it is more than amazing to see the beauty and intricate detail found on every single ice sculpture.  People have a hard time believing the actual amount of intricate and impressive detail present in each piece.  Very chilly temperatures are required to keep the icy wonderland in prime condition and in a protected, cold, insulated environment so as to keep the ice at the necessary temperature and maintain the sculptures to keep from melting.  With this fact in place, guests are always presented with parkas to wear as they walk through the beautiful and astonishing world of sculptures.

Whether you have children or you are only seeking a night out with your favorite guy or gal, this is the place to go.  No matter the occasion or just for a special treat, you should definitely go see the greatest ice sculpture show on Earth.  There is not a chance that you will not enjoy yourself when you come out to the most wonderfully colored and beautiful ice display in the world.  You cannot miss out on any opportunity to go and see this prestigious and expertly designed ice sculpture exhibit in the wonderful winter wonderland. Start doing some research to find one nearby or even see if one coincides with your next vacation destination!

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