The Importance of Correct Fitting Plus Size Bras

30 Aug

It is no secret that the majority of women today are wearing the incorrect bra size for their body.  The majority of women wearing plus size bras today may tend to purchase by price rather than by correct fit. Many stores advertise free fittings for those that are unsure of what size they should be wearing.  Bra sizes will change regularly with weight gain and loss, age and hormonal changes.  Because of these frequent changes, it is imperative that women allow themselves to get measured after each life or substantial weight change. The best suggestion is to have a sales associate measure you each time you are purchasing a new bra.

Women that wear plus size bras should choose their daily use bras based on support and control. Support does not necessarily mean full coverage and undesirable looks. Many bras today come in a wide range of styles and colors but still provide the support needed to properly assist the woman wearing it. Without proper daily support, breast tissue will develop tears resulting with premature breast sagging. Women with larger breasts can develop tissue tears simply from the weight of their own breasts.  Great fitting plus sized bras will help to provide support and control to avoid this undesirable effect.

Another important factor for all women purchasing plus size bras is appearance.  When purchasing a bra, try it on under a light t-shirt.  The outside appearance of the shirt should not show any lumps or bulges around the bra cup area. Great fitting plus size bras will have a cup size that will properly fit to your breasts without being too large or too small.  By wearing a light t-shirt over top of the bra you are planning on purchasing, you can see the shaping that this particular bra will give you.  Your bra should give you a natural look with the cups holding your breasts with the correct position and shape.

Any women of any size purchasing their daily bras should test them according to how they will be worn. Before making that final decision give it a solid “move test” Jump up and down a few times, bend over and stand back up. Wiggle and dance around.  A proper daily bra should be able to properly contain your breasts without them falling out of or moving around in the cups.  This is especially imperative to women wearing plus size bras.  Having to constantly re-adjust your breasts within your bra can be an aggravating and extremely uncomfortable experience, not to mention embarrassing if in public.

Plus size bras can be as comfortable as they are fashionable.  Gone are the days when women with curves were restricted to solid white, chest binding, unattractive bras.  Today’s women are fortunate to have such a wide variety of styles, colors and patterns available to them. There is literally a bra for every taste and style option. When you are shopping for your next bra, please remember that when choosing your daily bra, function is as imperative as style. A woman that is wearing a bra with the correct fit instantly improves her appearance, her posture, her health and her self esteem.

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