Skies Unlimited on a Honeymoon in Greece

20 Aug

Greece is well-known as a honeymoon destination, especially among fun-under-the-sun seekers. There are so many activities that honeymooners can experience there. Instead of on the sand or in the water, many of these awe-inspiring activities take place in the sky. Here are three ways that the skies are unlimited for couples on their honeymoon in Greece.


Skydiving on honeymoon in Greece is for a great choice for both accomplished skydivers and for couples who have never tried it but who want to experience something new together for the first time. The appeal of skydiving in Greece comes from the beautiful, varied landscapes that couples can soar above. They can take a skydiving trip above the glistening sands and sparkling seas over the islands or at popular spots on the mainland such as Lamia, Thiva and Thessaloniki. Honeymooners can skydive as a one-day, one-jump activity or arrange a several-day excursion featuring multiple lessons and jumps. Experienced skydivers may choose to do multiple jumps in one location or do a multi-jump, multi-location trip. No matter how newlyweds do it, skydiving is an exhilarating honeymoon in Greece (web site) experience.


Paragliding is another sky sport that couples on honeymoon in Greece can try. Paragliding is different from skydiving in that paragliding uses an aircraft with no cockpit, no motor and wings made of fabric instead of a fabric parachute.  Passengers are strapped in with a harness, and the glider is launched via a running start and then a jump from the edge of a hill rather than jumping out of an airplane as with skydiving. One paraglider flight can take several hours. For novices, the flight is done in tandem with an experienced paraglider. Greece is dotted with fantastic paragliding locations on the mainland and on the islands, so the scenery can include land or water or both. Some common paragliding locations in the country are Epirus, Macedonia and Peloponnese. As with parachuting, single-day or multi-day jaunts and single-location or multi-location itineraries are possible.


In parasailing, riders are in a harness attached to a fabric parachute similar to, but smaller than, the one used in skydiving. The harness and chute are attached to the back of a boat, which then carries the rider forward on the water’s surface until lift is achieved. The boat then tows the rider in the air over the water for the duration of the ride. While paragliding can be over land or water, parasailing requires water. That makes the Greek islands a perfect place for a parasailing trip. Couples on honeymoon in Greece who want to parasail can choose to do it on one island for a day or on several islands in several days. Either way, the views will be spectacular and memorable.

Safety in the Sky

A honeymoon in Greece is a happy occasion. With that in mind, newlyweds who want to fly the skies on their post-wedding trip must remember that skydiving, paragliding and parasailing are all sports that come with certain risks. To mitigate those risks, couples should thoroughly investigate any travel or adventure company that they are considering using for their excursion. Couples need to ensure that rigorous safety procedures are in place and are followed and that staff members taking customers on these trips are properly certified for their respective sport.

With these safety considerations taken care of, just-marrieds can relax and enjoy the skies unlimited on their honeymoon in Greece.

This guest post was written by Tiffanie Fearen, on behalf of Hellenic Holidays, offering the perfect opportunity to escape to a world where tantalizing feelings such as Romance, Fantasy and Passion blossom with ease. To know more about travel tips, you may also visit

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