The Growing Popularity of Magento Developer

26 Jul

Magento has emerged to be one of the most reliable and robust open source ecommerce platform that works on Zend PHP databases, MySQL to offer a complete online ecommerce shopping cart solution. It is because of its superb modular architecture and flexibility; it has emerged to be the most reliable ecommerce solution.

Requirement for Magento developers are increasing with the growth of ecommerce websites. Websites developed with Magento come with features like shopping cart, inventory, content, client experience to offer enhanced business opportunities. The eye-catching features make shopping an enjoyable experience for the shoppers.

Advance reporting is one of the most useful features incorporated by Magento developers. This helps in reporting of your e-business online. You can attain maximum efficiency in keeping with your set targets. It is a good way to keep track of the trends and sales. You can also keep an eye on the activity of your customers online.

Multi store development by the Magento developers is another advantageous feature found in the ecommerce sites these days. This helps to control multiple websites and online stores from administrative panel. You can opt for different payment options and currencies on one single page checkout.

SEO friendly features constitute another feature of ecommerce websites developed with Magento. The designs are such that search engines like Yahoo, Google and others simply love it. You can also gain access to the functionalities to get XML codes, title, Meta tags and relevant keywords for category pages and product.

A Magento developer helps in enhancing ecommerce websites and provide a better online shopping experience.

A Magento developer plays the crucial role of accessibility, versatility and scalability in e-commerce powered Magneto websites. Interactive features, easy-to-use admin process, catalogue management, and account management process are some of the attractive and useful aspects of ecommerce websites.

Magento developers constitute the pillars for developing informative and productive sites. Together with this, they also offer basic procedures for promotions and ensure that products chosen by customers are delivered to the shopping carts. They also add features to help shoppers review products online.

Magento offers Professional editions, Community editions, Enterprise editions for giant as well as the small-scale industries. The developers can customize these editions according to your business requirements. Different development sections that are controlled and developed by the developers include plug-in/ extensions development, theme development, module development etc. Business owners have no other choice but rely on the developers to give proper shape to your business. The innovative methods have completely altered online shopping experience.

Many are taking the advantage of online shopping, sitting inside their homes. It has become easier and convenient to order stuffs online without roaming around here and there for the things you need. E commerce applications are widely used these days to offer customers the best shopping experience.

This guest post was written by Maya Elward on behalf of One Creations, a leading web design agency in Hertfordshire. If you want to know more about Magento, you may visit eHow.

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