Finding the Right Glendale Bankruptcy Attorney

24 May

Filing for bankruptcy is likely one of the most significant and large steps an individual will take in the course of their life. Although circumstances out of one’s control could certainly be the cause of such financial distress, bankruptcy continues to hold a predominantly pejorative connotation in American society. In a country where capitalism is an unquestioned norm and independence (both financially and otherwise) is held as a virtue, publicly professing the absence of capital can prove embarrassing for many. Thus, anything to make the process of filing for bankruptcy and undergoing the repayment procedures less stressful is imperative. One such step in the city of Glendale would be to hire a qualified Glendale bankruptcy attorney; of course this is a choice that should not be made lightly or quickly.

One of the first and best ways to sift through the hoards of law professionals in the Glendale area who deal with bankruptcy law is to seek referrals (either from friends or from another lawyers). An additional tactic is to look for Glendale bankruptcy attorney listings in the local yellow pages; keep an eye out for those who have a brief yet specific description about the sort of debt relief that the firm deals with. An attorney with a description or even a picture generally indicates a level of competence garnering the financial security to purchase ad space. Once a few promising candidates have been selecting, it is imperative to call and arrange a face-to-face meeting at his or her office (many will offer free initial consultations).

The initial meeting is key in selecting the proper Glendale bankruptcy attorney for ones individual case. Before going to meet with potential lawyers, individuals should write down a list of questions to appear informed as well as being equipped to gather as much information as possible. Among the questions to ask are: Who will be handling the case material (an assistant or the attorney)? What payment options do you offer (are installments acceptable)? What, if any, other areas of law do the firm deal with? How much experience does he or she have? These questions will give a good indication of how comfortable an attorney is with new clients and will likely be sufficient enough to gauge whether or not an individual feels as if the attorney cares about their case.

In the end, the proper Glendale bankruptcy attorney will simply be one who appears comfortable with bankruptcy law (both federal and state), is personable, and cares about each individual case. The costs associated with hiring a bankruptcy attorney will far outweigh the potential fallout from not seeking assistance in bankruptcy assistance (for example, an unfair and crippling repayment plan). If attorneys boast of the lowest prices in the region, this is of course tempting to all individuals in such dire financial situations. However, if this is the main selling point, it is likely a very good indication that the lawyer is intending to spend very little time and effort on each case.

Searching for a Glendale bankruptcy attorney may not seem like a worthwhile way to spend ones time, particularly when creditors are banging on the door seeking repayment. However, in the messy legal system, it is always helpful to have a knowledgeable professional to try and seek the best outcome for his or her client. After all, the right attorney will want to try their best to get the fairest debt settlement in order to maintain their reputation and thus level of business.

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